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If you’re wondering what it might be like to snowshoe out from the Prefectural Forestry Museum in Hachimantai to the Nanataki Ice Falls, look no farther! This year the time window is much longer than usual since the waterfall froze early, and is likely to stay frozen through February. You can rent the snowshoes […]
Every year, Nanataki Falls in Hachimantai freezes to form a gargantuan ice falls. People from all over Iwate make the 2.5km trek through the snowy forest to see this breathtaking natural creation. This winter has been colder than the last few years, and we’re getting lots of snow. So I decided to go explore the […]
Hachimantai City in Iwate Prefecture is home to not one, but three famous ski resorts: APPI Kogen Ski Resort, and Hachimantai Resorts Panorama and Shimokura. Together with its excellent powder snow and heavy snowfall, it’s one of the best places in Japan for skiing. Now, we’re making it even easier for visitors to enjoy all […]
Selected as one of the 100 best places in Japan for forest bathing. Around 1930, the trees in the Appi Kogen area were cut down over a wide area for use in making products such as charcoal and lacquerware. The large trees that couldn’t be logged at that time remained, and gradually spread. Now a […]
Hachimantai is filled with hot springs! This area has been popular among people in Japan for its hot springs since long ago. There are so many different kinds here: milky white sulfur springs, clear springs that are said to give you beautiful smooth skin, Gold bath (cloudy salt-water) and Silver (clear salt-water) bath, and you […]
Traveling through Hachimantai in a rental car with your family? Great idea! If you know to do that, you probably already know about the Salad Farm- a rather expansive area with all kinds of great activities and food to enjoy! Whether you’d like to buy house plants, create your own “moss ball” with a plant […]
Now is the perfect time to visit Goshiki Pond in Hachimantai! While it changes color throughout the year and thus warrants multiple visits, if you were only going to see it once, now would be the time! Around late August and early September, just after the end of the rainy season in Japan, the pond […]