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We may be right in the middle of the rainy season here in Hachimantai – but this is also the season for beautiful alpine flowers! There are so many interesting, not to mention stunningly beautiful, flowers that are blooming right now!
This year and last a secret tour was held among a small group in Hachimantai organized by The Hachimantai Farm Stay Council. We were testing and refining the content that is now emerging into the light of day. Allow me to introduce “Hachimantai Auberge Washinooo & Onsen” – a sake-lover’s dream tour of Hachimantai!
As a result of COVID-19, numerous flights in and out of Hanamaki Airport have been cancelled. IT258/IT259 between Hanamaki and Taiwan will not be in operation from March 4th through March 28th. (What will happen after this period is as of yet undecided.)
The Nanataki Waterfall in Hachimantai is about 80% frozen now! Hopefully in another few days it will be completely solid! I was able to hike out there today to check on its progress. Another beautiful day with fresh powder snow covering the forest. It took about 40 minutes to walk to the waterfall without snowshoes, […]
Have you explored the nightlife around Obuke station in Hachimantai? You should! And now it’s all much more convenient!
Have you ever seen a frozen waterfall? Did you know that because of the way it freezes that the ice swells to more than 10 times the size of the waterfall during the warmer months? Nanataki Falls is amazing all year round, but in the winter it really is magical. There’s a new tour from […]
Fantastic article from Hachimantai’s own Nick Carmon! He’s composed what I believe is currently the best, most detailed article on the Yakehashiri Lava Flow in Hachimantai. This area is just one example of the amazing volcanic geographical nature of the Hachimantai. Mt. Iwate – the immense volcano that it is – has given so much […]
A well-known Thai blogger recently wrote an extensive article featuring their favorite areas of Hachimantai and Kazuno. They listed 16 areas they found impressive. I don’t read any Thai, but in this era of Google Translate it’s actually possible to see what it is that stuck out to them about our beloved Hachimantai. There are […]
The Matsuo Mine was once the most productive sulfur mine in all of Asia, and the apartment buildings for the workers were hailed as a model of community living. It was founded 1914 and at it’s peak in the 1950s employed 4,900 workers and housed a total of 15,000 people in these four-story concrete apartments. […]
When you here the word Appi, the image that comes to mind is the Appi Kogen Ski Resort. But this area is also host to a vast beech forest area called Naka no Makiba. It was even voted as one of the top places in Japan for “forest bathing.” When we visited in November there […]