Discover a variety of unique bathing experiences unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Hachimantai is Filled with Hot Springs!

This area has been popular among people in Japan for its hot springs since long ago. There are so many different kinds here: milky white sulfur springs, clear springs that are said to give you beautiful smooth skin, Gold bath (cloudy salt-water) and Silver (clear salt-water) bath, and you can even bathe in a wild outdoor hot spring bath higher than any other hot spring in Tohoku!

Toshichi Hot Springs Saiunso – the highest hot springs in all of Tohoku. Feel the mystery of mother nature in these milky white waters.

While you relax in the outdoor baths, enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Mt. Iwate towering majestically on one side, and Mt. Chausudake on the other.

Toshichi Hot Springs is closed during the winter because of heavy snow that makes the roads impassable. When it reopens in the spring, the drive to the summit has towering walls of snow on both sides of the road, so visitors can enjoy bathing surrounded by snow in the spring.

Toshichi Hot Springs Saiunso

Matsukawa Hot Springs – milky white waters flowing right up from the earth.

The Matsukawa Hot Springs were first discovered more than 250 years ago, and their secluded location in a primeval forest gives the area mysterious scenic charm. In the fall the surrounding mountains are festive with brightly colored leaves, and in the winter a blanket of snow covers everything with its peaceful silence. Spend the night here and enjoy the simple delicious meals of the mountain valleys and interesting stories told by the owner. This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the slow life.

<We recommend this winter-only limited time bus route!>

There is an antique bus, called a “bonnet bus” that has been running the route to Matsukawa Hot Springs since 1968, and still operates now. This antique bus has the horsepower and four-wheel-drive to drive up the steep snowy roads in the winter and is rather popular among the locals. Take the bonnet bus from in front of the Hachimantai Mountain Hotel to Matsukawa Hot Springs! You really should give this special local bus a try during the winter!

At the base of the Hachimantai Resort Panorama Ski Area, you’ll find Hachimantai Onsenkyo.

This area boasts popular hotels, traditional inns, pensions, guest houses, and more. There’s something here for all kinds of travelers. There are also many lodges that are popular among tourists. You can also find many different types of hot springs here, so many people enjoy bathing in several baths in one day.

Hachimantai Onsenkyo

Shin-Appi Hot Springs – a rare cloudy salt-water hot springs.

In Japan, cloudy salt-water hot springs are quite rare. It is known to be great for detoxing and making your skin look younger. Even though this medicinal hot springs is in the middle of the forest, it feels like you’re in the ocean. There is a gold bath and a silver bath, with salt and other minerals that will make your skin slippery smooth! Many women love it for this reason.

Shin-Appi Hot Springs