Access to Buses at Morioka Station

Local buses from Morioka Station to Hachimantai will help your DIY trip.

If you’re thinking of a DIY trip to Hachimantai, this would be a tip for success.
This page shows how to get on a bus to Hachimantai from Morioka Station after getting off a bullet train, “Shinkansen”, with detailed paths you take to the ticket counter and to the bus stop.

1. Get off the bullet train at Morioka Station, go down to the second floor and take the North Gate to get out.

By bus to Hachimantai


2. Take the escalator on the right side of the North Gate to go downstairs.

3. Go down to the first floor and keep left.

4. Go straight to an exit door to the bus terminal.

5. The bus ticket counter is in front of you across the bus lane outside of the exit.
The bus stop No.3 on the left side as the green arrow shows is the one for Hachimantai.

By bus to Hachimantai
The bus ticket counter is in the middle of the terminal (in the yellow circle.)

6. The buses to Hachimantai depart at bus stop No. 3.

Other Information

Map of Morioka Station: Go to the Page

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