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A Warm Welcome to Pension Mutti

A Warm Welcome to Pension Mutti

Located in Appi Kogen’s Pension Village, Pension Mutti welcomes all guests with warm, open arms. Aiming to offer guests an experience as comforting as if they were in their own homes, their owner speaks fluent English, making it well-known as a place to stay for foreign visitors.

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Let'go to Nanataki Falls Frozen Waterfall!

Discover Nanataki Ice Falls!

Every year, Nanataki Falls in Hachimantai freezes to form a gargantuan ice falls. People from all over Iwate make the 2.5km trek through the snowy forest to see this breathtaking natural creation.

This winter has been colder than the last few years, and we’re getting lots of snow. So I decided to go explore the area around Nanantaki Falls and check the progress of the waterfall on January 3rd, despite the fact that it usually doesn’t freeze until the end of the month – so most people go in early February.

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Perfect Powder in Hachimantai!

Perfect Powder in Hachimantai!

We are getting tons of snow all over Japan this week, and in Hachimantai, the powder is perfect!
Whether you’re staying near APPI, in the Hachimantai Onsenkyo, or near the Panorama Ski Area, there are buses that will take you everywhere you need to go!

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Sakuramatsu Shrine in Hachimantai

Explore an Ancient Sacred Place

Sakuramatsu Shrine in Hachimantai is one of my favorite places to go (besides the mountains) in the winter. This ancient shrine has a rare dragon/serpent shrine built into a cliff, and the atmosphere is really otherworldly.
But most people that come here visit for Fudo Falls – one of the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. In another month or so it will freeze into a magnificent ice falls, but for now it’s still flowing. This waterfall also has a rather mysterious history as a center for Shugendo training. Buddhist Mountain Ascetics would stand under the falls while chanting the Heart Sutra as part of their spiritual training hundreds of years ago.

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'Tis the Season to Go Snowshoeing!

‘Tis the Season to Go Snowshoeing!

Winter is nearly here! This is arguably the best season to enjoy Hachimantai, though of course there are all sorts of exciting activities throughout the year. That said- winter is particularly breathtaking up here!

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Lodge Tandem

Just 8 Minutes from the APPI Ski Resort. Enjoy a Cottage in a Private Little Forest – at Lodge Tandem

Lodge Tandem is actually a row of cottages along a creek.
The cottages are equipped with kitchens and a BBQ area, and are popular with both beginners and advanced outdoor enthusiasts, who can enjoy their stay in a variety of ways.
The owner, who is fluent in English, is of course an advanced outdoorsman. The incredibly cute dog that lives there will aso run out to greet you when you arrive. More information about Lodge Tandem available here.

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