Visit Hachimantai Snow Resorts

Visit Hachimantai Snow Resorts

Located in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture “APPI Kogen Ski Resort” and “Hachimantai Ski Resort,” have gained recent popularity throughout Japan and the rest of the world for their natural rich powder snow and variety of attractions.

We hope you can use this information site when you visit Hachimantai snow resorts.

Both ski resorts were recently mentioned in recent articles of the world-famous National Geographic magazine, along with Australia’s popular Snow Action magazine under the action column titled, “The Best Trips of 2020.” Japan’s Tourism Agency(JTA), a government organization, has also selected both Hachimantai and Appi Ski Resorts as one of the 18 top Japan “World-class Snow Resorts of 2020.”

This site was created for international visitors to easily access both resorts. You can find information regarding accommodations, types of activities, and suggested dining restaurants near Hachimantai and Appi resorts.

We personally interviewed all of the businesses on this site. Most of them are former experts in skiing, mountain sports, and cooking. They were kind enough share their knowledge of Hachimantai area.

Wether you are looking to try locally made foods or experience fine dining, we recommend you check out the variety of gourmet restaurants that Hachimantai has to offer. Each restaurant has something specific to their name and the best part of all, it’s all made within Hachimantai.

Coming Soon!

We are planning to add more information when you visit Hachimantai, specifically Towada Hachimantai National Park. For 1/3 of the year, the national park turns into a Snowtopia. Boasting a marvelously naturally made silver-like landscape that has people from all over visiting.

[ For local businesses wanting to collaborate ]

We plan on updating new business in the upcoming months. Please feel free to contact us directly if you wish to have your business information on this site. We ask for your cooperation in making Hachimantai a more diverse community.

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