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Custom-Made Private CAT Tour – Appi Backcountry Tours

117-17 Appikogen, Hachimantai, Iwate, JAPAN
  • Appi Backcountry Tours

Private CAT tour

Only for those who want to glide on powder freely using CAT or for groups. Please use it for special tours and events you can fully enjoy Hachimantai powder.


Period / Event Date:

  • Private CAT tour
    • 2022
      Middle January to early March
      Please contact us when making a reservation.

Gliding Area:

  • Private CAT tour
      Former Hachimantai ski area
  • Private CAT tour
    • Up to 8 people (2 guides)
Equipment Required:
  • Skating equipment
    • Double board or telemark double board or single board for powder skiing
  • Snow shoes
  • Trip poles
    • with netted poles and telescopic poles
  • Helmet
  • Backpack
  • Shovel
  • Avalanche Walkie-talkie
    • Search and rescue device
  • Probe
  • Mobile Food
  • Drink

※CAT & Mt.Chausu Backcountry Tour participants, skid straps (single board with hiking snowshoes)

  • Private CAT tour
    • 7:00 Reception
    • 7:15 Guidance (explanation of tour precautions)
    • 7:30 Depart from Hotel Appi Grand
    • 8:30 Tour start
      • -Arrive at CAT Daikoku-mori / Ebisu-mori saddle
      • -Hike up
      • -Gliding
    • 14:00 Arrive at Hotel Appi Grand
    • * Schedule is subject to change depending on the weather and participants’ conditions.

Time Required:

  • Half a Day 4h
  • One Day 7.5h

Price Information

  • Private CAT tour
    • One Day ¥210,000
    • Half a Day ¥160,000
Rental Items:
  • Alpine tour ski set (ski, seal, pole 3-piece set)
    • 3 hours ¥6,300
    • 1 day ¥7,650
  • Alpine tour ski
    • 3 hours ¥3,550
    • 5 hours ¥5,400
    • 1 day ¥5,900
  • Backcountry tour pole
    • ¥1,550
  • Climbing skin (seal)
    • ¥1,250
  • Telemark set (ski, boots, stock, seal)
    • ¥4,600
  • Soft telemark set (ski, boots, stock)
    • ¥3,550
  • Telemark ski (seal)
    • ¥3,050
  • Telemark ski (step cut)
    • ¥2,550
  • Telemark hard boots
    • ¥2,050
  • Telemark soft boots
    • ¥1,550
  • BC snowshoes
    • ¥3,300
  • Cross country ski set (13 yrs and above)
    • ¥2,050
  • Cross country ski set (7-12 yrs)
    • ¥1,050
  • Helmet rental
    • ¥520 * Tour participants only
  • Beacon (tracker)
    • ¥2,550 * Tour participants ¥520
  • Shovel
    • ¥1,050 * Tour participants ¥520
  • Probe
    • ¥1,050 * Tour participants ¥520
  • Rucksack (single item)
    • ¥1,550

* The price is for one day (1 tour or 8 hours).

Precautions for Participating in Backcountry Tours:

Participation is conditional on those who agreed with all of the following contents.

  • Advanced skiers and snowboarders who can ski on non-compacted snow slopes.
  • Experienced people with backcountry. * Inexperienced people will be asked to take a lesson for BC beginners in advance and will be judged to participate in the CAT tour.
  • Those who fully understand the risks of behaviour outside the controlled area of snowy mountains.
  • There are Japanese and English speaking member in the group.
  • It is possible to control speed, slide and stop safely on any non-compacted snow slopes or snow condition.
  • You can stand up by yourself even if you fall down to deep snow.
  • Please follow the guide’s instructions during the tour as it is a group activity.
  • If you have been injured or ill in the past, please let us know in advance.
  • Please note that if there is a difference in skill or physical strength in the party, we will adjust the level.
  • If the guide determines that the level is insufficient, the person will be asked to leave the tour. (No refund)
  • Appi Backcountry Tours will not be responsible for the accidents caused by carelessness during the program. (No refund)
  • Those who have no problem with their health. If you suspect you have a cold or illness on the day, please decline to participate.
  • If you damaged or lost the rental items, you will be asked to compensate for them.
  • Please strictly adhere to the meeting time.
  • This program is held outside the controlled area. Please understand that there are various dangers are involved unlike the maintained areas.
  • Participants are requested to enroll insurance in advance such as mountain insurance, which covers mountain climbing activities.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a guardian.

Cancellation Charge:

  • If you cancel after the tour is confirmed, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • If the event is cancelled by the judgement of the guide or Hachimantai CAT Tours, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • For cancellation after applying for the tour, the following cancellation fee will be charged from the tour price.
    • 7 to 2 days before the departure date … 30%
    • From the day before the departure date to the day before the travel start date … 40%
    • From the day before the departure date, after the start of the trip, or no-show … 100%
    • In case of cancellation, please call us.
  • About changes
    • There is no change fee for adding the number of people.
    • A cancellation fee will be charged for reducing the number of people.
    • A cancellation fee will be charged for changing the schedule.
Application deadline:
  • Until 17:00 3 days before the event
  • Please check and fill out the questionnaire on the official website before applying.

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