Winter Shuttle bus and Taxi

Get warm, Go out and Taste Fresh Local Food!

These Night Transportations will help you travel from Appi Kogen as well as Hachimantai Onsenkyo to the local areas so you can enjoy Original Japanese Local Gourmet.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to taste real Sushi, Ramen, or the lovely tastes that you can get in a traditional Izakaya.

Night Shuttle Bus to travel between the Appi Kogen and Obuke Areas

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Between The Appi Kogen and Obuke Areas (bus)

SERVICE PERIODEvery Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 25th Dec. 2018 to 7th Mar. 2019 except for 1st Jan. 2019.
RESERVATIONNot required. Please come to the front of the Hotel Appi Grand when it’s time. Max.40 people.
FEEAge 7 & over: ¥500 One-way /¥1,000 Roundtrip (Hotel meal coupon holders can exchange their coupon for a bus ticket. Please contact the front desk at the Hotel APPI Grand.)
PAYMENTPlease pay at any of the hotels in Appi Kogen area in advance except for the Appi Pension Village. Pension guests are required to pay at the Hotel APPI Grand front desk.
NOTICE1) The bus leaves on time. Please don’t be late at the bus stop. Even if you miss it by any chance, you can not refund it.
2)The bus is non-smoking.
CONTACTHotel APPI Grand TEL 0195-73-5011

Night Shuttle Taxi to ride between the Hachimantai Onsenkyo and Obuke Areas

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→ Between Hachimantai Onsenkyo and Obuke Areas (taxi)

SERVICE PERIODEvery day from February 1st, 2019 to February 12th, 2019
RESERVATIONIn order to ride the shuttle, you must request it by 4pm the day before you intend to ride. The shuttle only operates when at least one person has requested it.
FEEAge 6 to 12 : ¥1,000 Roundtrip
Age 13 + : ¥2,000 Roundtrip
PAYMENT Age 13 + : ¥2,000 Roundtrip Please pay at your hotel in the Hachimantai Onsenkyo area.
NOTICE 1)Because the shuttle taxi stops at various places along its route, please treat the travel time as an estimate only.
2)Those staying at a hotel should wait at the hotel’s front.
3)To those waiting at a bus stop, the stop is located outside, so please dress warmly.
4)Tour and bus guides will not accompany you on the shuttle taxi.
5)Should you miss your return shuttle taxi, please request a separate taxi on your own (you won’t be able to use your return ticket).
6)Please understand that we cannot refund the fare for missed rides.
(Approximate taxi fare for four people riding one vehicle between Obuke and the Onsenkyo area: ¥5,000-8,000. Please use the map on the right and point to where you’d like to go, using the numbers for reference)
CONTACT The hotel you’re staying at, or alternatively:
Phone: 080-2849-8955 / Email: (Shibata)