Winter Guide

The finest snow in Honshu
Stunning natural landscapes and great powder!

Hachimantai’s ski resorts are well-known for having extremely high-quality snow.  This is a result of seasonal winter winds carrying thick moisture east from the Sea of Japan, causing snow clouds to develop and heavy snow to fall.  These snow clouds then proceed to make their way further east over Tohoku’s Ou Mountain Range until they arrive in the Hachimantai area, where they release the fine, powdery snow that’s known as the best in Honshu.

There’s lots of fun to be had, even for children and first-timers.

There are presently four ski resorts operating in Hachimantai City.  There’s Appi Kogen, a national leader in size and scope among ski resorts.  There’s Panorama, viewed by many as the best place in the country for beginners to find their footing and families to enjoy skiing together, with its gentle slopes.  The third is Shimokura, known for its powdery, exhilarating runs.  And finally, there’s Tayama; in 1970 it served as the ski jump venue for the National Sports Festival, and it continues to be the area of choice for athletes seeking to train their skills.

Additionally, while it may have closed down like a ski resort in 2007, the now-backcountry land that used to be Hachimantai Ski Area continues to be a popular spot for CAT skiing tours, and the ski resort remains in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Hachimantai’s slate of ski resorts offers something for ski lovers everywhere, from children to adults, and cements it as the ideal place in Tohoku to enjoy some fun in the snow.

The fun of winter in Hachimantai

After a day out on the mountain, nothing warms the body up quite like a visit to Hachimantai’s hot springs.  The area around the city is dotted with volcanoes, and as a result, there’s no shortage of natural hot spring water. Furthermore, not only are hot springs numerous, but they come in a wide variety; you’ll find sulfur springs alongside both acidic and chemical base springs, and other, more uncommon types as well.  Going from place to place and discovering your favorite spring is just another delightful way to experience winter in Hachimantai.

















Ski Resorts in Hachimantai City