The Beginner-friendly Tour of Hachimantai Peak

Plateau Walking at Hachimantai Peak

This tour is perfect for beginners who really want to enjoy the Dragon Eye or alpine flowers that grow only in Hachimantai and nothern Japan. It is more likely a walking tour in the plateau. The expert guide are very kind and happy to find alpine flowers for you.

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Hachimantai Mountain Hotel
Booking by 16:00 the day before your preferable date is required.
Available from 2 people. 



Trekking Hours and Length 

5.5km for 2 hours 30 mins 


Trekking insurance included


15 people / day

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Lake Yahata

The Route and Schedule

9:00  Meeting at the front desk of Hachimantai Mountain Hotel
9:05  Going to the trail by bus (30mins)
9:35  Walking to Kagami Lake: Dragon Eye (early summer)  
   |      Walking to the Hachimantai Peak
   |      Walking to Hachiman Numa 
12:05 Heading off to Hachimantai Mountain Hotel
12:35 Arriving

Things to Bring

Long sleeves, jacket, pants, raincoat,  trekking shoes, hat, water, and a backpack.

Access from Morioka Station
1. Train & Bus: 67 mins (¥860/Train + ¥510/BusA11, A13 – ¥620/ Bus A51)
2. Bus: 90 mins (¥1020 / A11 & A13 – ¥1110/ A51)
3. Car: 46 mins (¥950/Express)
4. Free Shuttle: View Details on Official Website

Take the Easiest Ride! Hachimantai Hiking Bus 
How to take the Local Buses? Hachimantai Local Buses

Train & Bus

Morioka Stn.

Hanawa Line

(37 mins)

Obuke Stn

to Mountain Hotel
or Matsukawa Onsen 

(40 mins)

Hachimantai Mountain Hotel


(1 minute)

Hachimantai Mountain Hotel



Morioka Stn.

to Mountain Hotel
or Matsukawa Onsen 


Hachimantai Mountain Hotel


(1 minute)

Hachimantai Mountain Hotel



Morioka I.C.

Tohoku Expressway
to Hachinohe

(20 mins)
30 km 

Matsuo Hachimantai I.C

Route 233


(20 mins) 
13.3 km


Hachimantai Mountain Hotel


Free Shuttle

Morioka Station
West Bus Terminal 

Hachimantai Mountain Hotel


Terms and Conditions

This trekking tour might be canceled in case of bad weather.
In case of its cancelation, the guide will let you know as soon as possible.

Matsuoyoriki 1-509-1, Hachimantai, Iwate