Keep in Mind

Appetizers, a Service Charge at Japanese Restaurants

You might be charged for an appetizer, mostly costs about ¥300 or so.

It comes out regardless of your wish, which is a bit confusing to you. Though we don’t have tip culture, you might want to keep in mind that in some restaurants they have that kind of service. Those appetizers are basically seasonal to let you enjoy your drink more.


No Tattoos in Hot Springs

Unfortunately, no tattoos are allowed in onsen. It is said that reminds Japanese people of “Yakuza,” the Japanese mafias. Less and less of us mind that these days, but still most of spots haven’t changed that traditional rule.


Cash is a Must in Hachimantai.

Please have Japanese cash with you before visiting here. 
Most of shops and restaurants don’t have card service. No currency exchange spot either.
Only a few ATMs are available for international bank accounts, mostly are in convenience stores.
That is why exchanging your money beforehand is a must.
However, you will sure enjoy this inconvenient trip here, getting used to Japanese currency.
No worries! We are happy to help you.

Available ATMs

We appologize for the inconvenient of all the payments, exchanges and ATMs.

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