How to Get to Hachimantai


Most of transportations are available from Morioka Station after your wonderful short trip (only 2.5 hours from Tyoko Station for over 500km!) That includes a local train, local buses and shuttle buses according to how your trip like to be. 

In winter, Appi Shuttle Bus runs for powder hounds to Appi Ski Resort, taking them to downtown of Hachimantai for the local night life with Night Bus. 

Once winter ends, Hachimantai Hiking Bus and other local buses start to run up to the peak of Mount Hachimantai, which is where the newly discovered “Hachimantai Dragon Eye” shows up in early summer. Long-run Japanese hotel and onsen area “Matsukawa,” luxury hotels such as Hachimantai Mountain Hotel (Hachimantai Ski Resort) and Hachimantai Heights Hotel that have varieties of outdoor activities and services.  

At any seasons and anywhere to go, rental cars would be one of the greatest choice to get around all over Hachimantai City. 

Buses from Morioka Station

Spring to Autumn: Hachimantai Hiking Bus

Winter: Hachimantai Night Bus

Car Rental Service