Access to Hachimantai

Bus Service to Hachimantai

Enjoy scenic views of nature and local life.

If you are starting your trip from Tokyo, you can take a remarkably comfortable 2.5 hour bullet train ride to  Morioka city, which is located in the center of Iwate prefecture and the starting point for local bus service to Hachimantai.

Two different bus services are available at Morioka station bound for Hachimantai:
1. Regular bus service which runs daily seven days a week.
2. Seasonal bus service, known as the Sansaku Bus, which runs from May to the end of October.

The seasonal bus called the Sansaku Bus is highly recommended if you want to visit the famous “Dragon Eye” and great hot springs such as Toshichi Hot Springs and Matsukawa Hot Springs because of its nonstop easy access.

A direct shuttle bus service called the Hachimantai Night Shuttle Bus is also convenient for getting to izakaya restaurants and shopping spots. This is operated between the Appi Ski Resort Area and Obuke Station in downtown Hachimantai, which only runs during the wintertime.

  • Timetable and Fees for Hachimantai Night Shuttle Bus

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