About Hachimantai

The City of Volcanos

Hachimantai is a blessed city by the active volcano, Mount Iwate.  The mountain has given a wide range of benefits to the people.
The Yakehashiri Lava Flow, hot springs and steam gushing out here and there and the unique geothermal power plant in the world. Also, the purified spring water from the mountain, flowing for the first time in 30 years, has been our essential resource to make products.

The local sake “Washinoo” is one of them.

What’s Mount Iwatesan?

Mount Iwate is the highest mountains in Iwate prefecture at 2,038m, last erupted in 1,732.

This mountain is a composite volcano made up of 28 small volcanos, roughly divided in east and west side according to the way they erupt. On the east side of the mountain, it causes magmatic eruptions. On the west side, on the other hand,  it causes steam explosions.

Mount Iwate has erupted at least three times. The biggest one on the record is in 1,732, which has remained as the Yakehashiri Lava Flow. Even though it’s been about 300 years, any plants hardly grow and the scenery remains as it is.

Ever since, though it thankfully hasn’t erupted, the mountain gives out steam from the top of the mountain once in a while.

It is also called “Nambu Fuji,” as it looks like Mount Fuji from the east side of Iwate, used to belong an old domain “Nambu.”

It has been believed as where a god lives in for thousands of years.

The City of Rich Nature and Full of Outdoor Activities

The contrast of mountains and vast bays is breathtaking. That enable us to do a wide range of things, harvest varieties of vegetables and rice. The scenery is so magnificent and relaxing that you would forget you were in Japan, well known for the hectic city Tokyo.

So many kinds of fun things to do, camping and hiking in woods in summer, cycling enjoying the stunning sceneries, red and yellow from color leaves, golden yellow from rice fields and blue from the sky in autumn. When it comes to winter, you can’t miss skiing on fluffy powder snow you ever had.

The City Full of Lovely Folks

We’ve lived with such great Mother Nature over generations. It hasn’t changed for thousands of years, inheriting the traditional way of living to grow vegetables according to their best timing, producing the local sake with the spring from Mt. Iwate. The people here are somehow laid-back and compassionate, which you will get some tips from them by chatting face to face.

Even though we don’t really speak English well, rather at all, we all do welcome from the bottom of the heart with great hospitality.

Enjoy your stay with the folks in such a lovely city, Hachimantai.

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